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Innovative ultrasonic cleaning

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Effectively remove adhering particles

from solid surfaces

Ultrasonic Cleaning Is a method that uses ultrasound and chemistry to clean. It thoroughly removes tightly adhering or embedded particles from all types of surfaces, and uses water and/or mild solvent with rust preventative added for cleaning medium.


We have two systems to meet your large and small orders. Depend on ultrasonic cleaning to thoroughly remove stubborn particles from your solid surfaces.

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Our process can clean a wide range of your work piece shapes and sizes like engine parts, jewelry, firearms, electronics, optics, textiles, and all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including Powdered Metal.


Our Process may not require the part to be disassembled prior to cleaning. We have 2 systems to meet large and small orders.

We only use high quality materials

When you opt for ultrasonic cleaning, you should know that we use water and/or mild solvents with rust preventative chemistry to protect the integrity of your parts. Also, our process may or may not require the part to be disassembled prior to cleaning.

Enjoy the many expert services that Arete QIS has to offer such as tumbling, inspections, MPI, and electronic component services.



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