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QCI was founded in 1950 as a global manufacturer of passive electronic components.  Our company is still at the original 55,000 sq. ft. location and is fully capable of producing a high-quality product at reasonable prices you can afford.


Arete's product line includes iron powder and phenolic axial–leaded winding forms (coil forms and bobbins), iron powder sleeves, and circuit jumpers. Our products serve the automotive, avionics, communications, computer, consumer electronics medical, and telecommunications industries.

Whether you have a very large custom order or something a tad smaller, your products will be handled in the same professional, prompt manner. Know that you are our top priority and we will do all that we can to give you great results.

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• Molded coil forms: Available in a wide range of sizes designed to meet your PCB needs, our winding forms manufactured to the closest electrical and mechanical specs in the industry with standard 100% tin plated oxygen free copper leads. We also offer Type C-32-N, 60/40 plated, oxygen-free copper leads to eliminate the need for a solder dip process.


• Capacitors: Our capacitors with 100% tin-plated, oxygen-free “molded in leads” that meet RoHS directive from the European Parliament. For your high-reliability requirements, our broad range of low value, close tolerance capacitors can be engineered to meet demanding needs. All of our QIS capacitors are available in balk or on tape and reel packaging for automatic PCB insertion.


• Bobbins: Our bobbins are supplied in powdered iron or phenolic material with “molded in leads.”  They are tailored to meet requirements of limited board space. Our mechanically rugged bobbins are manufactured with parallel slots for wire anchorage.

• Circuit jumpers: Our circuit jumpers are used to interconnect various circuits on printed boards consisting of 22 A.W.G. tinned copper wire with a thermoset plastic shell that is 0.25 inches (6.35mm) long molded over the central portion. Our circuit jumpers are manufactured with uniform dimensions allowing them to be used with the same automatic inserting machinery as other components assembled onto a circuit board. We can supply these parts in bulk packaging, lead taped, or reel packed.


• Sleeves: Our sleeves will meet all of your shielded coil requirements and are available in a broad range of sizes. To reduce magnetic coupling between components, our uniquely manufactured sleeves are processed to precise T.I.R. specifications, along with tightly held electrical parameters.


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